How to Get Current Formatted Date and Time on Flutter

In this example, we are going to show you the easiest way to get the current date and time on Flutter app with dart. We will also show you to get date and time with different kinds of formats as well. See below for more details.

How to Get Current Date and Time on Default Format:

String datetime =;

//---------- output -----------
//   2021-08-27 19:14:57.142575

How to Get Year/Month/Day and Hour/Minute/Second/

var dt =;
print(dt.year); // -> Year | Output: 2021
print(dt.month); // -> Month | Output: 8
print(; // -> Day | Output: 27

print(dt.hour); // -> Hour | Output: 19
print(dt.minute); // -> Minute | Output: 19
print(dt.second); // -> Second | Output: 2

How to Get Date in Formatted String:

To get date and time on a formatted string, first, you need to add intl flutter package on your project dependency by adding the following lines on pubspec.yaml file.

    sdk: flutter
  intl: ^0.17.0


import 'package:intl/intl.dart';

Now to get date on a formatted string, follow the steps below:

String cdate = DateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd").format(;
// output: 2021-08-27

String cdate1 = DateFormat("EEEEE, dd, yyyy").format(;
// output: Friday, 27, 2021

String cdate2 = DateFormat("MMMM, dd, yyyy").format(;
// output:  August, 27, 2021

String cdate3 = DateFormat("MMM, EEE, yyyy").format(;
// output:  Aug, Fri, 2021

How to get Time on Formatted String:

String tdata = DateFormat("HH:mm:ss").format(;
// output: 19:36:01

How to get Time on 12-Hour Formatted String with AM and PM:

String tdata = DateFormat("hh:mm:ss a").format(;
// output: 07:38:57 PM

In this way, you can get the current date and time on the formatted string.

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