How to convert String to int or double in Dart/Flutter

In this example, we are going to show you how to convert or parse the String variables to int or double in Dart and Flutter. You may need to convert string to int or double for mathematical purposes. see the examples below:

int a = int.parse(sourceString);


String a = "4";
String b = "5";

int c = int.parse(a);
print(c); //output: 4

int d = int.parse(a) + int.parse(b);
print(d); //puutput: 9

Unsupported Format:

String e = "df53df4";
int f = int.parse(e);
print(f); //error: Invalid radix-10 numbe

double aa = double.parse(sourceString);


String aa = "4.5";
String bb = "5.3";

double cc = double.parse(aa);
print(cc); //output: 4.5

double dd = double.parse(aa) + double.parse(bb);
print(dd); //output: 9.8

Unsupported Format:

String ee = "dfgdf34.45df";
double ff = double.parse(ee);
print(ff); //output: Invalid double dfgdf34.45df

In this way, you can convert or parse String to integer or double in Dart/Flutter.

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