[Solved] Android sdkmanager not found Error in Flutter

In this post, we are going to show you how to solve 'Android sdkmanager not found.' error while you hit 'flutter doctor --android-licenses' or on any other cases. The error may look like: 

Android sdkmanager not found. Update to the latest Android SDK and ensure that the cmdline-tools are installed to
resolve this.

To solve this issue you need to install Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Command-line Tools on SDK Manager. Follow the steps below:


You need to open Android Studio then go to Tools > SDK Manager > SDK Tools tab, uncheck the option Hide Obsolete Packages. And install Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Command-line Tools.

Now, check the command "flutter doctor --android-licenses" in your terminal to check if the error still occurs then heck the  android_sdk_path\Android\Sdk\cmdline-tools. There may be two or more "latest" like below:

Delete the "latest" and rename "latest-2" to "latest". This happens when there is "latest" folder while installing Android SKD command-line tools in SDK manager.

In this way, you can solve "Android sdkmanager not found." error on Flutter.

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