Download Free kRadio Player App Made With Flutter - Flutter Template


kRadio player made with Flutter, Another Awesome Online Radio Player.

Getting Started

  1. Follow the guide on how to install Flutter.
  2. Clone the repository and open with your IDE: Android Studio or Visual Studio Code
  3. Install IDE plugins for Flutter support
  4. Create your own Firebase project
  5. Register apps with Firebase: android and iOS
  6. Add Firebase configuration files: android and iOS
  7. To download project dependencies execute: flutter pub get
  8. Configure build flavor in your editor or run from command line flutter run --flavor <name>, available flavors:
  9. dev (local build)
  10. internal test (used for Firebase App Distribution)
  11. production (used for Google Play)
  12. Run project on Simulator or Android device

Github actions: checks and deployment

Architecture, libraries and tools

  • State management: Bloc