Free Download Travel Treasury: Budget Travel App - Flutter Template


This repository contains all the code written throughout the 1ManStartup YouTube tutorials for building a travel budget app using Flutter

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How To Use This Resource

Each episode where code is created or modified will have an associated branch in this repo. The code in each episode's branch will contain the completed code from that episode and the branch will remain in that state.

The master branch will contain the most recent version of code, and be considered the "production" version. This means the master branch will always be the most up-to-date.

Any questions should be asked in the comments of the relevant video on YouTube.

Setup Firebase Database

After Episode 15 you will need to configure your own Firebase project. Most importantly you will need to generate and include your own google-services.json file for Android and GoogleServices-Info.plist file for iOS. Full instructions on how to configure Firebase for this project can be found in Episode 15 on YouTube