Flutter IDE

References on best Integrated Development Environment - IDE for Flutter development. IDEs are very important to write and debug code.

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the software that provides facility for software development, in another word, it is an editor to edit codes and text for your program. 

We can use any editors to write code for Flutter mobile apps. After editing the code, you need to compile the code which can be done with a command prompt or terminal. But, for better coding and readability, there are some Editors that support better facilities for Flutter app development. Formatting, syntax suggestion, debugging are some of the core features which you will not get on the normal text editor. In this tutorial, we are going to explain two IDEs that are most popular for Flutter App Development.

  • Android Studio
  • Visual Studio Code

Android Studio:

It is a free, open-source, and powerful tool to build mobile apps using native code or with the Flutter framework. It gives the best features to build mobile apps such as code completion, navigation, syntax highlighting, refactoring, widget editing assists, debug support, and more. Android studio is the official product from Google to build android mobile apps, it helps to accelerate building for high-quality mobile apps. 

To start building an app with Android Studio IDE, download Android Studio and install it. Run it after installation, it will install the required SDK and platform plugins for the android environment.

To integrate Flutter and Dart support on Android Studio, go to File > Settings > Plugins. Find the "Flutter" and "Dart" plugins and install them. Now you are ready to write your first program

Visual Studio Code:

Visual studio code or VS Code editor is a very popular IDE to write different kinds of code in different languages. It is also very popular for Flutter Apps developments, and it is free, lightweight, very easy to use. It provides Google Dart and Flutter plugin which helps to integrate the Flutter development environment in it. It provides features such as code completion, syntax highlighting, debug, run, real-time error warning, and many more. 

Download Visual Studio Code from its official website and install it.

To install Flutter plugins on VS Code, go to File > Preferences > Extensions. Find "Flutter" and "Dart" extensions and install. After this, you are ready to write your first program.